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The Technical Support Document

The DRAFT Steel Climate Standard Technical Support Document provides supplemental guidance to the GSCC Steel Climate Standard published in August 2023. We have developed this guidance to ensure that third-party certification of steel products and science-based emission targets is implemented consistently, competently and impartially.

We invite public comments to the Technical Support Document. Comments will be accepted until January 31, 2024. The GSCC will then publish a final document after that date. You can reference the Steel Climate Standard, but we are only accepting comments on the DRAFT Technical Support Document at this time.

The Global Steel Climate Council (GSCC) is a non-profit association organized to advance climate strategy by establishing standards and advocating for carbon emissions reductions by members of the steel industry. The GSCC includes more than 35 international producing members and supporters who are steel manufacturers, trade associations, end users, scrap metal suppliers, and non-governmental organizations.

The founding members of the GSCC are the CELSA Group, Commercial Metals Company, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), Nucor Corporation, Steel Dynamics, Inc., and Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA).

Accelerate Progress to Reduce Emissions

Our mission. GSCC’s mission is to lead the way toward a truly effective low-emission steel standard for all producers that accurately counts carbon emissions – regardless of the production methods. The GSCC Steel Climate Standard is designed to incentivize true decarbonization of the steel sector and has three important objectives:

  1. Provide a single, technology-agnostic framework for steel product certification and company science-based emissions target-setting that applies to all steel producers equally on a global basis.
  2. Allow all steel customers to know the carbon emissions associated with the steel products they are purchasing.
  3. Create an industry standard for achieving the emissions reduction goals in the Paris Climate Agreement by 2050.

The Issue

Technologies already exist to cut global steelmaking emissions and new technologies are on the horizon.


All of our member companies at the GSCC are committed to enhancing steel production with a safer, cleaner, emission-reducing process.


The GSCC answers your questions about The Steel Climate Standard.

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